This week was really good! We’ve been enjoying the ministry we’ve been doing here in Santiago. We’ve been working with an amazing woman named Margarita. She has a ministry working at the Haitian/Dominican border. There has been a lot of racism between the bordering nations and she is one of many ministries that is trying to reconcile the two people groups. On Tuesday, we worked at a preschool playing with kids and did a skit for them. A little boy latched on to me as soon as we arrived and I got to love on him and be loved on by him almost the entire time. I think God knew I needed it too as it had been a bit of a rough morning. Wednesday, we went to Margarita’s house and helped sort medicine that is going to the border in a few weeks. Thursday, we went back in the afternoon and finished up the sorting, then went to be part of an outdoor crusade right outside of her church. Derose and Robert sang some songs in Creole, and were a big hit. Friday evening, we went back again and did the Water for Life skit we have. It’s pretty powerful and was written by one of our DTS staff, Jessika, for her own outreach last year. I’ll record it sometime and put it on Facebook. Saturday, we went on a “treasure hunt” praying and asking God where He wanted us to go and looking for Him to do big things. My group was able to encourage a Christian, Haitian woman who is struggling to survive, we were also able to talk to and pray for several other Haitians and a Dominican guy. We were very blessed by this time.

I realized today there are 12 days until I’m back in the city of chaos (Port au Prince) that I love so much! 19 days til this crazy DTS is over and I’m predicting there will be buckets of tears cried at this time as we say au revoir to our bel 80 person fanmi, 25 days til I have to say goodbye to life as I’ve known it for the last year and a(lmost) half – and all my kids! I’m predicting lots more tears this day as I leave, and also as I arrive home in Kansas to my beautiful family, new niece Brenlyn, new “nephew,” Braylon.

I have actually been avoiding thinking about this transition. I’m a little scared for my life to change. It’s funny (not haha) to think of the chaos of this life to be normal. Life in Kansas seems just as normal though. Some of my Haiti sisters and I talk about “real life” sometimes (life in America or Canada). I’m nervous to get a “real” job again. I’m nervous that I won’t  reach out to the hurting people around me. I’m nervous that I’ll slip back into life as I used to live it – when the world revolved around me. I’m nervous that I’ll be critical when people don’t live the YWAM lifestyle. (It is a bit of a bubble, and I don’t care who disagrees with that). I’m nervous that I won’t be able to spend part of January and February in Haiti again. I’m afraid I won’t be able to find a car.

But I know that God is faithful and He will never leave me nor forsake me. I know that He has plan for me – a plan to prosper me and not to harm me. Pray that I will have the humility to walk in this knowledge and His strength.


About leahgduncan

I'm just a woman that wants to serve Jesus Christ with her whole life. I want to live with my hands wide open to Him, letting him fill my hands and take things away as He pleases. I currently live in Port au Prince, Haiti, working with an international missions organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM). I love Haiti and know that I will be attached to Haiti for the rest of my life. At this time I don't know if that means I'll always live here, but I know I'll always come back here.

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