Some of the wonderful kids I got to see last week.

It’s been a pretty great few days. I feel like I’m really learning a lot from God about discipleship and being a good leader. God‘s really been speaking a lot to all of us. This morning, when Sean thought he had a plan, God had a different one. We spent all morning just soaking in God‘s presence. We anointed the four corners of our property with oil and sang praises to the Lord. We were anointed with oil and prayed over that we would receive the gifts of the spirit.

I was just praying for the joy of the Lord to overflow from me this morning. I was using a new journal to write in. It has verses on each page and the verse on the page I was on is Job 8:21 which says: He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. This was just a confirmation that God wants to give me abundant joy!! We also had some time of bonding with the new staff and some repenting/forgiveness between the older staff. Anyway, God is just doing some great things and just pouring out His love on us!

We have something quite exciting we’re going to do Sunday – Tuesday, but I don’t want to post any more about it until we are finished with it. So stay tuned because I really feel like God is going to do some AMAZING things!!!


About leahgduncan

I'm just a woman that wants to serve Jesus Christ with her whole life. I want to live with my hands wide open to Him, letting him fill my hands and take things away as He pleases. I currently live in Port au Prince, Haiti, working with an international missions organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM). I love Haiti and know that I will be attached to Haiti for the rest of my life. At this time I don't know if that means I'll always live here, but I know I'll always come back here.

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