So I am sure this is pretty much common knowledge to all, but I recently got super sick. Last Friday, I woke up feeling not so hot. I felt like I had the flu, but no throwing up. My body just ached. I thought I was going to get over it after sleeping for a while. Julia and I had stayed the night at BelVil, and when I got home that afternoon, I was not doing well. I just laid down and was feeling horrible. But I felt I was being a bit of a drama queen. Julia went back to BelVil that night. I started getting really cold, which is weird because Haiti is not cold right now. I went to sleep around 5 pm. I got feverish and starting having hot and cold sweats. Or I would go to sleep freezing and wake up in pools of sweat. I also had the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life. The birds chirping outside made my head hurt. I don’t know if you’ve ever lived in and around all concrete buildings, but EVERYTHING echoes. It got worse on Saturday. Nothing sounded good to eat, so I didn’t eat. I drank a lot of water. I was feeling pretty bad on Sunday as well and Lucy came to check on me. We decided to go to a hospital run by the University of Miami. Their lab is closed on the weekend though, so they couldn’t run any tests and just told me to drink lots of water. Also, they said if I wasn’t feeling better the next day or Tuesday to come back. I still wasn’t feeling good Monday morning, so I got taken to the U of M hospital. They ran some tests, did a spinal tap, things came back negative: Typhoid, Malaria and Bacterial Meningitis. They sent me home with Iron pills and anemia pills, and 3 different doctors told me I should go home to the States. They suggested I go to the U of M hospital that’s actually in Miami. So I talked to my mom that night and I bought a ticket. So did she. Mom, Emily and Alecia did not want me to travel alone, so Julia bought a ticket as well.

I thought I was not going to make it on the plane. Julia and I didn’t get to sit together and towards the end of our flight the Haitian guy next to me asked if I was ok. I said no, then got up and went to the bathroom and cried. I got to sit in the front row the rest of the trip though.

After 7 hours of waiting in the ER, I finally got to see a doctor. Oh, did I mention it was freezing in this ER?

I spent 2 ½ days in the ER where it was freezing and I didn’t get great care from many of the nurses, but don’t worry, I got to see some of the best doctors in the country. I finally got a room and then I had great care from the nurses. My doctor said he wanted me to stay home for 2 months to gain my immune system back, which is not my first choice, but I guess God knew I needed a break or something. I finally got out of the hospital on Sunday evening and Mom and I flew home on Monday, the 28th.

I was still pretty fatigued most of last week, but I’m doing a lot better now. I’m planning on going back to Haiti at the end of April.

Please pray for me as I have some decisions I have to make, and we have to come up with some money to pay for this very expensive, unexpected trip. I am very grateful to people who have generously given in this hard time.



About leahgduncan

I'm just a woman that wants to serve Jesus Christ with her whole life. I want to live with my hands wide open to Him, letting him fill my hands and take things away as He pleases. I currently live in Port au Prince, Haiti, working with an international missions organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM). I love Haiti and know that I will be attached to Haiti for the rest of my life. At this time I don't know if that means I'll always live here, but I know I'll always come back here.

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  1. chastity says:

    I’m glad that you are healed. I miss you and your family. I liked reading this it was very interesting and some reason I cried when I read the airplane part, it sucks to feel like your all alone. This is a great testamony to be able to share with others. God is good. Keep sharing your faith. Leah I will be praying for you . Blessings to overflowing in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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